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Academic advising services will be provided by phone or email during the COVID-19 emergency.
There are no in-person appointments. Remote advising will continue for as long as UF classes remain online. 

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Cynthia SainCynthia Sain
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
262 CHE-SC
(Chemical Engineering Student Center)
PO Box 116005
Phone : (352) 294-2891
Fax : (352) 392-9513

About Cynthia: 
Cynthia has served as the first University of Florida (UF) Chemical Engineering (ChE) academic advisor since 2003. She earned an MS in Leadership Development from UF, was named “Advisor of the Year” by the UF Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, was recognized by the college’s Institute for Innovation with an Innovation Award, and recently received the inaugural Career Influencer by the UF C3 Center. For the academic year 2017- 2018, she served as UF west campus Advisor in Residence.Cynthia is the founding Director of ChemE Day, a networking event that has connected over 1,900 students directly with industrial mentors. She is the founding advisor of the Chemical Engineering Peer Advisor Group, this group provides unique student to student insight on academic and professional issues. Cynthia served as the chair for the Engineering Advisory Council (EUAC) Professional Development Committee (2009 – 2011). Under her leadership the committee created the first EG Undergraduate Advisor Certification Program. This program was later used as a launching-point for the UF advisor certification program. As the chair of the EUAC Best Practices Committee (2017) she has worked to create consistent advising practices and a sense of community. She has served on the UF Undergraduate Advising Council (UAC) Preeminence Task Force where she provided qualitative data analysis of preeminence issues in the advising community.

Cynthia has scheduled more than 50 industrial speakers for the ChE Undergraduate Seminar Series. She co-developed the ChE Undergraduate Research Program that sponsored student research presentations at the National American Institute of Chemical Engineers conference each fall. Cynthia has shared her professional development enthusiasm by teaching the departmental section of the EGS 1006 Introduction to Engineering and the ECH 4934 Professional Seminar classes.

Spyros Svoronos, Ph.D.Spyros Svoronos, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
264 CHE-SC
PO Box 116005
Phone : (352) 294-2891
Fax : (352) 392-9513


Graduate Advising

Shirley KellyShirley Kelly
Graduate Academic Advisor
263 CHE-SC
PO Box 116005
Phone: (352) 392-4753
Fax: (352) 392-9513
Yiider Tseng, Ph.D.Yiider Tseng, Ph.D.
Master’s Program Coordinator
223 CHE
Kirk J. Ziegler, Ph.D.Kirk J. Ziegler, Ph.D.
Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
261 CHE-SC