Program Overview

The BSChE degree is a 131 credit hour, eight semester program. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in experiential education, such as internship and cooperative education, or summer research programs.  These programs are an integral part of the undergraduate experience, may be taken for credit, but also may result in an increased number of semesters to degree completion. The curriculum includes twelve credits of technical electives providing opportunity for an individualized educational experience. Many students choose to add a minor, such as the Biomolecular Minor. All ChemE courses are offered each fall and spring semesters.

Program Objectives

Within a few years of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Florida, the recent graduate will achieve one or more of the following:

  • Graduates will demonstrate professional engineering competence via promotions and/or positions of increasing responsibility.
  • Graduates will be successful in pursuing advanced degrees in chemical engineering or in other disciplines.
  • Graduates will be able to work in diverse professional environments as demonstrated in their pursuit of continuing education, professional certification/registration and/or career path into business, government, education, etc.

The chemical industry alone provides an opportunity for the chemical engineer to participate in the research, development, design or operation of plants for the production of new synthetic fibers, plastics, chemical fertilizers, vitamins, antibiotics, rocket fuels, nuclear fuels, paper pulp, photographic products, paints, fuel cells, semiconductors and the thousands of chemicals that are used as intermediates in the manufacture of these products.

Application and Admission Requirements

Freshman Application Deadline: November 15

All freshman applicants must apply through UF Admissions and meet deadlines and requirements.

Please note that ChE does not make admissions decisions for freshmen. You must be admitted to the University of Florida, after which you may declare your ChE major.

Transfer Admission Information

Undergraduate transfer admissions information

Apply to UF:


Declaring ChE as your major

Looking to declare Chemical Engineering as your major? If you are a freshman and need to declare a major, visit the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering’s Advising Office in 204 Weil Hall. Second year students and above will need to speak with the ChE undergraduate advisor.


Undergraduate Advising

Kristen BurnsKristen Burns
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
PO Box 116005
Phone : (352) 392-0095
Fax : (352) 392-9513
Shaura ThomasShaura Thomas, M.Ed., GCDF
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
PO Box 116005
Phone : (352) 294-7003
Fax : (352) 392-9513
email: SThomas@che.ufl.edu
Dmitry Kopelevich, Ph.D.Dmitry Kopelevich, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Coordinator
PO Box 116005
Phone : (352) 392-4422
Fax : (352) 392-9513
email: dkopelevich@che.ufl.edu
Spyros Svoronos, Ph.D.Spyros Svoronos, Ph.D.
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
PO Box 116005
Phone : (352) 294-2891
Fax : (352) 392-9513
email: svoronos@ufl.edu