Meet Our Masters Students

Labdhi Shah

Why did you select UF ChE?
I was impressed by the research facilities and profile of professors at UF ChE. It is also highly ranked university. I also discovered that, at UF it’s possible to do interdisciplinary research. I am passionate about working towards developing something new and I had my Undergrad degree in ChE. So, I thought to continue the same path. Therefore, I chose UF CHE.

What are your research interests?
I am interested in nanofabrication, specifically using oxide compounds. I am working on fabricating the magnetic memory with Oxide compounds.

What do you like about UF?
UF has ample research opportunities and plenty of resources like lab facilities and supportive professors. Libraries and reading halls provide a good atmosphere to study and concentrate. UF also has computer and printing labs. These facilities have really made my study much easier. Apart from that, bus facilities have also made my life much more convenient and economical. The events like Gameday, Gator night, etc. are fun part about UF, which helps me feel connected.

What do enjoy about living in Gainesville?
I enjoy sunny weather and beaches, the most about Gainesville. The city has two sides: It’s a peaceful town to live, but on weekends the downtown offers a party atmosphere.

What do you do in your free time?
I play badminton and table-tennis at Southwest recreational center.

Tell us about the connections you have made at UF
I have made connections at the Nanoscale Research Facility (NRF) through Semiconductor Career Readiness Organization (SCRO). I am a member of SCRO. This has provided me with firsthand experience of all microfabrication processes and have also put me to the connections with recruiter in Semiconductor Manufacturing companies.

Apart from SCRO, I am connected to most of seniors from UF through LinkedIn. UF has a very wide network of alumni, and being a UF student helps a lot to connect with these alumni.

Please share some positive experiences you’ve had with your ChE professors

The professors in ChE are very supportive.

When I was new to the university, Dr. Kirk Ziegler helped me initially to find out the research group. He has always replied to my emails and helped solved my concerns like, whether to do thesis or take research credits.

Right after I started my master’s, Dr. Jason Butler gave me opportunity to work in his Lab in DNA electrophoresis. I worked there for few months, and learned a lot.

My coursework experience at ChE has also been great. I appreciate the guidance from Dr. Sumant Patankar in Advanced Chem Bio Lab. I have gone to him any time I need guidance with coursework as well as questions about jobs and Ph.D. options. I really appreciate all the opportunities that I have at ChE.