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Current Undergraduate Students

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Suggested minors for undergraduate ChE students:
Biomechanics, Business Administration, Food Science, Materials Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Packaging Science, Physics, Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, Sales Engineering

Course SUMMER FALL SPRING Course Title
COT3502 x x Computer Model Formulation
ECH3023 x x Mass and Energy Balances
ECH3101 x x Process Thermodynamics
ECH3203 x x Fluids and Solids Operations
ECH3223 x x Energy Transfer Operations
ECH3264 x x Elementary Transport Phenomena
ECH4123 x x Phase and Chemical Equilibria
ECH4224L x x Energy Transfer And Fluids Lab
ECH4323 * x Process Control Theory
ECH4323L * x Process Control Lab
ECH4403 x Separations and Mass Transfer Operations
ECH4404L x x Separations and Mass Transfer Lab
ECH4504 x Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design
ECH4604 x Process Economics and optimization
ECH4644 x Process Design
ECH4714L x x Safety and Experimental Evaluations
ECH4824 x Materials of Chemical Engineering
ECH4934 x x Chemical Engineering Professional Seminar
Lectures 2 11 10  
Labs 3 3 4
* Available only as part of the Process Engineering Megacourse.
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Mrs. Cynthia Sain
262 CHE-SC (New Chemical Engineering Student Center)
PO Box 116005
Phone : 352 294-2891
Fax : 352 392-9513

About Cynthia

Cynthia has served as the Undergraduate Academic Advisor for the Chemical Engineering Department since 2003. She received an MS in Leadership Development from the University of Florida. She has been named the “Advisor of the Year” for the College of Engineering and received professional, departmental, and university awards for her accomplishments. Cynthia is the founding Director of ChemE Day, a department networking event that has connected over 1700 students directly with industrial mentors. She is the founding advisor of the Chemical Engineering Peer Advisor Group, this group provides unique student to student insight on academic and professional issues.

Cynthia served as the chair for the Engineering Advisory Council Professional Development Committee (2009 – 2011). Under her leadership the committee created the first College of Engineering Undergraduate Advisor Certification Program. This program was later used as a launching-point for the University of Florida advisor certification program. She serves the university level Leadership Knowledge Community. She has scheduled more than 50 industrial and academic speakers for the Undergraduate Seminar Series. Cynthia co-developed the Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Research Program that sponsors students’ research presentations at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers National Conference each fall.
Cynthia shares her enthusiasm for Chemical Engineering by teaching the departmental section of the EGS 1006 Introduction to Engineering and coordinating the ECH 4934 Professional Seminar class.

Minor in Biomolecular Engineering

Did you know? Chemical Engineering offers a minor in Biomolecular Engineering for students in other majors.

Current Graduate Students

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For specific questions regarding degree requirements:

Shirley Kelly, Graduate Academic Advisor
Tel: 352-392-4753

For general questions about the Chemical Engineering Graduate Program:

Kirk J. Ziegler, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
Tel: 352-392-3412

Helena Hagelin-Weaver, Graduate Recruitment Coordinator
Tel: 352-392-6585

Yiider Tseng, Masters Student Coordinator
Tel: 352-392-0862

Deborah Sandoval, Program Assistant
Tel: 352-392-2891

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