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We are a department-appointed organization here to serve you, the students.

We provide academic advising sessions throughout the semester (attending one is required in order to remove the hold on ONE UF to register for classes), help with any questions you may have regarding chemical engineering and offer tours for prospective students.

Under the supervision of Cynthia Sain, the Academic Coordinator, we aim to help students have a positive and successful learning experience here at the University of Florida.

UF Chemical Engineering Peer Advisors

Please like our Facebook page for updates about group advising sessions and peer advisor office hours.

Please email us if you have any questions about the department or if you are a prospective student wanting to schedule a tour.

We are devoted to answering your questions and showing you what Chemical Engineering at UF has to offer. Our group is composed of diverse and experienced upper-division ChemE students ready to help and answer any questions you have regarding scheduling, minors, balancing school and a part-time job, upcoming events within the department, professional events, greek-life, research, personal obstacles, and any other academic related concerns.

2017-2018 Officers

President: Katie Mills
Vice Presdient: Marissa Buck
Treasurer: Fiki Owhoso
Communications Chair: Lloyd Verdeflor
Events Coordinator: Jaclyn Martin
Heads of Training: Jennifer Lewis & Shachi Mangoli

Fall 2017 Members:

Kevaughn Aiken
Liliana Bello
Mikayla Bilskie
Marissa Buck
Juan Casas
James Clover
Natalia Diaz
Rodel Enderez
Catherine Fennessy
Matthew Goodwin
Christopher Gongar
Carla Guidi
John Hursh
Jennifer Lewis
Rachel Madden
Sarah Mahajan
Shachi Mangoli
Jaclyn Martin
Taylor McClure
Katie Mills
Michael Orlando
Fiki Owhoso
Ankit Patel
Uday Rallabhandi
Maitlin Rifleman
Celeste Sheets
Savannah Shelton
Christopher Shirley
Sabrina Siu
Ella Starr
Naomi Sultan
Tyler Theriault
Aaron Thomas
Lloyd Verdeflor
Isabella Young
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