2019-20 Seminars

Zoom Graduate Seminar: Fan Ren, Ph.D.

04/13/2020 @ 9:35 am – 10:30 am – Fan Ren, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor Department of Chemical Engineering University of Florida “Device Processing and Junction Formation Needs for Ultra-High Power Ga2O3 Electronics” ABSTRACT A review is given of the future device processing needs for Ga2O3 power electronics. The two main devices employed in power converters and wireless charging systems will be vertical rectifiers and MOSFETs. The […]

Seminar Series – Carson Meredith, Ph.D.

03/09/2020 @ 9:35 am – 10:30 am – Professor and James Harris Faculty Fellow School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Executive Director, Renewable Bioproducts Institute Georgia Institute of Technology “Cellulose and Chitin Nanomaterials for Circular Plastic Economy” Abstract: There is a strong drive to discover and develop alternatives to conventional plastics that offer the ability to be manufactured and used in a circular manner. In […]

Seminar Series – Lilo D. Pozzo, Ph.D.

02/24/2020 @ 9:35 am – 10:30 am – Weyerhaeuser Endowed Professor Chemical Engineering University of Washington “Understanding Nanoscale and Molecular Processes in Emulsions Systems with Neutron and X-ray Scattering” Abstract: Emulsions are dynamic and complex systems with several physical mechanisms possibly leading to the formation, destruction and transformation of their interfacial and bulk structures. Simultaneously, emulsions are increasingly being used in consumer products […]

Seminar Series – Gary Koenig, Ph.D.

12/02/2019 @ 9:35 am – 10:25 am – Gary Koenig, Ph.D. Associate Professor University of Virginia “Fabrication and Characterization of Thick Battery Electrodes” Abstract: Lithium-ion batteries have become very successful in the consumer electronics industry; however, improvements are still needed with regards to cost and performance for greater market penetration into larger scale applications such as electric vehicles and stationary energy storage. While […]

Seminar Series – Brian A. Korgel, Ph.D.

11/25/2019 @ 9:35 am – 10:25 am – Brian A. Korgel, Ph.D. Ernest Cockrell, Jr. Memorial Chair in Engineering McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering University of Texas at Austin Nanomaterials Chemistry: Creating a Universe in a Grain of Sand Abstract: Chemical routes now exist to produce nanocrystal materials with a wide range of size, shape and composition. These materials have characteristic dimensions that […]

Seminar Series – Ashlee N. Ford Versypt, Ph.D.

11/18/2019 @ 9:35 am – 10:25 am – Ashlee N. Ford Versypt, Ph.D. Assistant Professor School of Chemical Engineering Oklahoma State University “System Biomedicine and Pharmaceutics: Multiscale Modeling of Tissues, Treatments & Toxicology” Abstract: The Systems Biomedicine and Pharmaceutics research lab at Oklahoma State University led by Dr. Ford Versypt focuses on developing and utilizing multiscale systems engineering approaches including mathematical and computational […]

Seminar Series – William S. Epling, Ph.D.

11/04/2019 @ 9:35 am – 10:25 am – William S. Epling, Ph.D. Professor, Department Chair University of Virginia “The Reversible Nature of Sulfur Poisoning of Automotive Emissions Catalysts” Abstract: Sulfur dioxide is a common poison in automotive catalysis, and thus the catalyst design must take into account changes with time, or controls developed for catalyst regeneration to mitigate sulfur impacts. The sulfur compounds […]

Seminar Series – A.J. Medford, Ph.D.

10/28/2019 @ 9:35 am – 10:25 am – A.J. Medford, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Georgia Tech “Fertilizer from Air and Light: Fundamental understanding and applications of photocatalytic nitrogen fixation” Abstract: Solar-driven conversion of atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia at ambient conditions has been reported for decades, and has the potential to revolutionize production of ammonia-based fertilizers. However, reported rates are impractically low, and relatively little […]

Seminar Series – William F. Schneider, Ph.D.

10/21/2019 @ 9:35 am – 10:25 am – William F. Schneider, Ph.D. H. Clifford and Evelyn A. Brosey Professor of Engineering Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering University of Notre Dame “The Catalytic Science of Making Up and Breaking Up Dinitrogen” Abstract: The chemistry of nitrogen is inextricably linked with humanity’s use of energy. Industrial nitrogen fixation (N2 −−! NH3) revolutionized the production of fertilizer […]

Seminar Series – Susan Daniel, Ph.D.

10/14/2019 @ 9:35 am – 10:25 am – Susan Daniel, Ph.D. Associate Professor Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Cornell University “Cell-free Approaches for Re-creating Cellular Processes using Biomembrane Microfluidics and Bioelectronic Devices” Abstract: Cell membranes define life by localizing and orchestrating the critical cellular processes, reactions, and sensing that gives rise to self-replicating materials. The variety of lipids and proteins comprising […]

Seminar Series – Steven R. Little, Ph.D.

10/07/2019 @ 9:35 am – 10:25 am – Steven R. Little, Ph.D. Chairman of the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and William Kepler Whiteford Endowed Professor in the Departments of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Bioengineering, Immunology, and Ophthalmology University of Pittsburgh “Controlling “Controlled Release” to Make Medicine That Imitates Life” Abstract: Although the field of controlled release (as applied to release of […]

Seminar Series – Daniel Shantz, Ph.D.

09/30/2019 @ 9:35 am – 10:25 am – Daniel Shantz, Ph.D. Professor and Department Chair The Entergy Chair in Clean Energy Engineering Tulane University “Designing composition and local structure in zeolites: teaching old catalysts new tricks” Abstract: Zeolites are a technologically important class of materials used in applications including fuel production, gas separations, and ion-exchange processes. As such, zeolites are a somewhat mature, […]

Seminar Series – Lynden Archer, Ph.D.

09/23/2019 @ 9:35 am – 10:25 am – Lynden Archer, Ph.D. James A. Friend Family Distinguished Professor in Engineering Cornell University “Electrodeposition, ion transport and reversibility of reactive metal electrodes in high-energy batteries” Abstract: Electrodeposition is an electrochemical process used for creating metal, colloid, and polymer coatings on conductive substrates. The process also plays an important role in electrochemical storage technologies based on […]

Seminar Series – John Wilson, Ph.D.

09/16/2019 @ 9:35 am – 10:25 am – John T. Wilson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Vanderbilt University “Engineering Nanotechnologies for Immuno-Oncology” Abstract: Cancer immunotherapy is revolutionizing the treatment of an ever-expanding diversity of cancer types, yielding impressive complete and durable responses in a subset of patients. However, the vast majority of patients do not respond to currently FDA approved […]

Seminar Series – Matthew Cooper, Ph.D.

09/09/2019 @ 9:35 am – 10:25 am – Matthew Cooper, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University “Digital Experiences in Chemical Engineering Education” Abstract: An advantage of our modern world is high-quality communication through digital avenues. In this talk I will discuss ways to leverage digital communication methods toward applications in chemical engineering education. In the […]