FAQ Category: MS Application and Admission FAQ

Are the MS and ME programs online?

We do offer some of our courses online via the EDGE program. However, it will be difficult to complete the degree entirely online since our Advanced Chemistry and Biology Laboratory for graduate students is not offered online. For more information, check out the… Read More

When are MS and ME students admitted to the department?

MS and ME students are admitted to the department in both the fall and spring semesters. Students must meet the application deadlines posted by the graduate school. For fall admission, we recommend submitting your application by January 15th. For spring… Read More

Why is Gainesville a great place to live?

Gainesville is a lovely city, with a very reasonable cost of living and a diverse population. Gainesville has an array of restaurants, parks, breweries, and outdoor activities. As a city, Gainesville values education and diversity, with spaces for people of… Read More