Chemical Engineering Hosts Five Students For Summer Research

Chemical Engineering Hosts Five Students For Summer Research

The Department of Chemical Engineering hosted five undergraduate students through the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF REU) program and the Summer Undergraduate Research at Florida (SURF) program.

The experience provides students the opportunity to work with a premier faculty adviser and a Ph.D. student mentor. Students engage in research and gain foundational skills through hands-on activities. Through this training, participants are better prepared to succeed in their current undergraduate curriculum and better prepared to make a positive impact upon entering industry or graduate school.

Justin Hopkins, The Ohio State University

Justin HopkinsFaculty Mentor: Kirk Ziegler, Ph.D.
Student Mentor: Aniruddha Kulkarni
Hometown: Findlay, OH
Plans after graduation: Attend graduate school to pursue a Ph.D. in chemical engineering. Justin would like to work in industry, specifically the research contract/R&D sector.

“This experience has taught me to look at the world in such a different way. This research experience has shown me that there is not always one correct answer to problems but often many different ones that take a special ambition and curiosity to discover.”

Christina Janes, The Ohio State University

Christina JanesFaculty Mentor: David Hibbitts, Ph.D.
Student Mentor: Mykela DeLuca
Hometown: Dublin, OH
Plans after graduation: Pursue a career as a lecturer in chemical engineering

“This is my first research experience, so I’ve really learned what it means to be part of a research group and everything that it takes to be a successful grad student from my group members. This experience has been so helpful as I look to my future because I came in not sure if a Ph.D. was right for me and now I feel confident that graduate research could be a great fit for me.”

Parker Lewis, Princeton University

Parker LewisFaculty Mentor: Carlos M. Rinaldi-Ramos, Ph.D.
Student Mentor: Mythreyi Unni
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Plans after graduation: Continuing research in industry or getting a Ph.D. in biomedical or chemical engineering.

“My time here has let me actually apply the lessons I’ve learned in the classroom. The mentorship and experience I’ve acquired in this lab setting have helped me develop my skills and career goals in ways I’ve never thought possible.”

Marisa Pacheco, University of Colorado

Marisa PachecoFaculty Mentor: Whitney Stoppel, Ph.D.
Student Mentor: Raul Cruz-Quintero
Hometown: Louisville, CO
Plans after graduation: Pursuing graduate studies. “I hope to do research in the area of tissue engineering, which is why this experience was so valuable!”

“This experience has made me feel confident in my decision to pursue graduate studies. The connections I have made with both faculty members and fellow students have allowed me to grow my network, making it so I can reach out during the application process and possibly return to UF in the future.”

Genesis Rios-Adorno, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Genesis Rios-AdornoFaculty Mentor: Carlos M. Rinaldi-Ramos, Ph.D.
Student Mentor: Ishita Singh
Hometown: Arecibo, PR
Plans after graduation: Continue studies in chemical engineering and conduct research on biomedical applications.

“The SURF program has been a decisive experience in my career. It helped me develop research abilities and prepared me as a future Ph.D. student.”