Raúl Cruz-Quintero Selected for 2018 NextProf Pathfinder Workshop

Raul Cruz-Quintero

Raúl Cruz-Quintero, Institute for Cell & Tissue Science and Engineering (ICTSE) Fellow,has been selected to participate in the 2018 NextProf Pathfinder Workshop: Preparing the Next Generation of Scientific and Technological Leaders at the University of Michigan on Sept. 26-28, 2018. The intense “boot camp” workshop prepares participants for a successful Ph.D. graduate school experience, and offers information on how to build a competitive graduate school record in order to obtain a faculty position in academia.

Cruz-Quintero is one of 40 students selected for the NextProf Pathfinder Workshop.

“It is truly an honor to be one of the few chosen, from the vast pool of candidates, to participate in NextProf Pathfinder Workshop, and most importantly, represent the talent and diversity UF has to offer. The road to becoming a Ph.D. student is definitely not an easy one, but being chosen to participate in this workshop definitely proves that hard work and effort do pay off! My hope is that this program will help steer my next few years as a Ph.D. student, allowing me to make the right decisions concerning my career and granting me perspective by meeting and networking with other students and professors who are facing or have faced the many daunting questions many of us Ph.D.s face during our careers,” said Cruz-Quintero.

The NextProf Pathfinder Workshop is a first of its kind at the University of Michigan College of Engineering. This innovative model provides participants with the tools and networks needed to support their success.