Chemical Engineering Welcomes New Faculty

5 New Faculty

The Department of Chemical Engineering proudly welcomes five new faculty members.

Charles J. Hages, Ph.D.Charles J. Hages, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., 2015, Purdue University
Hages’ research focuses on developing next-generation semiconductors for energy research. Using fundamental device physics and unique processing, Hages aims to design new materials and device architectures to address energy technology challenges. Hages’ primary interests are in nanomaterials, solution-based semiconductors, and developing advanced optoelectronic characterization techniques.

Piyush K. Jain, Ph.D.Piyush K. Jain, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., 2013, University of Missouri, Kansas City
Jain’s NanoBiomolecular Precision Lab engineers new biomolecular systems to improve precision and delivery of genome editing tools including CRISPR/Cas systems. His lab chemically modifies DNA for understanding epigenetics and develops biomolecular nanosystems to deliver nucleic acids and proteins to the desired tissues. Jain’s research aims to diagnose and treat genetic disorders including cancer.

Yeongseon Jang, Ph.D.Yeongseon Jang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Ph.D., 2013, Seoul National University
Jang’s research focuses on the design of supramolecular biomaterials based on soft matter assembly and recombinant technology. Her lab will apply fundamental understanding of self-assembly of recombinant proteins and biopolymers to create highly organized structures in solution and thin film phases with controlled physical properties, reversibility, and stimuli-responsiveness for diverse applications.

Whitney L. Stoppel, Ph.D.Whitney L. Stoppel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Ph.D., 2014, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Stoppel’s research leverages expertise in biomaterial composition and formulation to direct in vivo function for repair and regeneration of damaged tissue. Current applications for the biomaterials are focused on striated muscle and liver tissues, with an emphasis on the role of the immune system in the successful use of biomaterials in clinical problems.

Vincent J. Tocco, Jr., Ph.D.Vincent J. Tocco, Jr., Ph.D., Lecturer
Ph.D., 2018, University of Florida
Tocco is a recent graduate of the UF Chemical Engineering Ph.D. program. His passion for teaching and mentoring led him to excel as a teaching assistant, mentor to undergraduates, high school students, and teachers in research, and to develop a one-semester weekly seminar aimed at new Ph.D. students. He was twice recognized with the Ray W. Fahien Graduate Teaching Award.