What housing options are available for graduate students? Can graduate students live on campus?

There are a lot of different housing options near campus. Some of our students do live on campus, but most graduate students live close to campus in housing not maintained by the university. Our current graduate students usually provide information and recommendations to newly accepted students through our new Ph.D. student peer mentoring program. Accepted students should expect communications from mentors in the summer prior to the start of the fall semester.

UF offers graduate family housing as well. You can apply after you have been admitted to our program. It is recommended that you apply 10-12 weeks prior to your anticipated move in date. You will need a UFID and email address to complete this process. Some of these rentals can be month-to-month, which is helpful for students who are just arriving or students who are graduating and do not want to sign a lease for a whole year.


Also, several housing websites are available to find apartments or rentals off-campus. Often, the cost of housing is cheapest when you sign a yearlong lease or rental agreement.