Rivera-Jiménez Recognized with AICHE’s IDEAL Star Award

Sindia Rivera-Jimenez, Ph.D.

Sindia M. Rivera-Jiménez, Ph.D., an instructional assistant professor at the University of Florida Department of Engineering Education and an affiliate faculty of the Department of Chemical Engineering, was recognized by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Societal Impact Operating Council with a new award called the IDEAL Star.

Dr. Rivera-Jiménez’s programming on “Unconscious Bias” was selected as one of two winners for the inaugural award that recognizes those who have created and executed outstanding programming that serves to further AIChE on the IDEAL path.

AIChE believes that all who wish to be a part of the chemical engineering community should have equal opportunity to pursue and achieve success. It also proposes an IDEAL Path for progress, in an environment characterized by inclusion, diversity, equity, anti-racism, and learning.

“Dr. Rivera-Jiménez is a faculty member with a great compassion for all students. She is a leader in the Department of Engineering Education in ensuring everything we do, including our teaching, provides access and equity to all our students. The award is a wonderful recognition of this work at the national level,” said Hans van Oostrom, Ph.D., Founding Chair and Associate Professor of the Department of Engineering Education.

In addition to this recognition, Dr. Rivera-Jiménez will be invited to participate in a virtual panel to discuss developing successful IDEAL programming.

“Dr. Rivera-Jiménez created a workshop that guides participants to understand how unconscious bias is manifested, its negative impact, and strategies for avoiding pitfalls and lessening its frequency. So far, the workshop has been offered at the spring and fall 2021 AIChE meetings, and it was highly successful both times,” said Spyros A. Svoronos, Ph.D., Harry and Bertha Bernstein Professor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Dr. Rivera-Jiménez’s research includes agency in engineering communities (e.g., faculty, design teams, organizations), action research, curricular implementation of problem-solving pedagogies in process design using simulations, collaborative and inclusive environments in engineering teams, K-12 Outreach in product design, and professional development for industry and academia.

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