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Mentor-Mentee Program
The AIChE Mentor-Mentee Program is a semester-long program in which underclassmen are paired with upperclassmen. The main goal of the Mentor-Mentee groups is to form connections and friendships with classmates, get advice about ChE coursework or life in general, and to have fun! There are weekly and general challenges that each group can complete to earn points and the group with the most points wins a prize! Despite this competitive nature, each group is welcome to participate at their level of comfort; some groups are very active while other groups are more relaxed.
Fall 2020 was a semester like no other. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it was paramount to have virtual mentor-mentee challenges and events, keeping everyone’s health and safety as the number one priority. Even though the program was virtual, there was an abundance of interest in participation as either a mentor or mentee, with a total of 26 mentors and 48 mentees.
For the first challenge, the groups were asked to meet through Zoom or FaceTime and get to know one another. Groups could talk about current goals, interests, and what they wanted to learn more about this semester. Every week, a new challenge was released focusing on professional development, staying healthy, learning & building study habits, and having fun amid a pandemic.
Other challenges were included staying active by going outside and getting some sun, to be self-aware of their personality by taking personality quizzes, to grow as a student by learning study habits that other students used to prepare for exams and to investigate the future, and think about where they might end up whether it be graduate school or industry.
The level of participation in these challenges and how well the groups were interacting with each other this semester, despite being online was amazing. Hopefully, even after this semester ends, the friendships made through this program will develop into meaningful relationships and everyone learns something new from this experience.

Fall 2020 Program

Some of the challenges this semester included going outside, showing your UF spirit, getting to know each other and our professors, sharing study tips and making some fun memes about our ChE experiences!

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