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The University of Florida Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers also known as UF AIChE is a student-run, non-profit organization that strives to provide fellowship among chemical engineering students and also foster engineering skills for the continued advancement of ourselves, our University, our community and our world. 

As a professional society, we arrange opportunities for students to build a network of contacts in academia and in industry.

AIChE’s vision is to provide value as the Global Leader of the Chemical Engineering profession, the lifetime center for professional & personal growth, and security of chemical engineers, and the foremost catalyst in applying chemical engineering expertise in meeting societal needs. We are a part of the world’s largest professional society for chemical engineers; the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) counts over 60,000 members from over 110 countries in its professional network since its establishment in 1908.

AIChE has the breadth of resources and expertise you need whether you are in core process industries or emerging areas, such as translational medicine.

As a member, you can access information on recognized and promising chemical engineering processes and methods. Connect with a global network of intelligent, resourceful colleagues and their shared wisdom. Find learning opportunities from recognized authorities. Move forward professionally with AIChE and enrich the world we live in.

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