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Our Mission

The leadership of our chapter of AIChE seeks to provide a social atmosphere for all undergraduates to come together and discuss all there is to know about chemical engineering, including invaluable information regarding career fair, guest speakers from the industry, community service opportunities, a Chem-E Car competition, Engineering Fair, and some amazing social events and general help for most undergraduate courses.



Cole Korsog


Vice President
Rachel Tanchak


Whitney Schramm


Pragati Patel

Jose (2)

Marketing Director
Jose Eduardo Rodriguez

IMG_3979 (2)

Outreach Director
Grace Li

Jonathan (2)

Internal Programs Director
Jonathan Michalik

Carter (2)

External Programs Director
Carter Bright

IMG_3992 (2)

Sister Chapter Liason
Alejandra Diaz Fernandez

Matthew (2)

Corporate Liaison
Matthew Chertok

IMG_4022 (2)

K-12 Coordinator
Sean Kochanowsky

adobestock_246487447_gatorweb (2)

Social Program Coordinator
Jose Aleman

Zach (2)

Web Developer
Zachary Lambert

Emerick (2)

Professional Programs Coordinator
Emerick Gilliams

SamK (2)

Samuel Kieffer

adobestock_246487447_gatorweb (2)

ChemE Jeopardy Captain
Christian Ore

Dustin (2)

Chem-E Car Captain
Dustin McDougald

adobestock_246487447_gatorweb (2)

Graduate School Liaison
Nedgine Joseph

Sam (2)

Mentor Program Coordinator
Samuel Sheek


If you are interested in one of the many committees AIChE has to offer, reach out to the Committee Heads. Remember, being an active part of a committee counts as progress towards being an active member of the UF AIChE Student Chapter!

• ChemE Car
• Treasurer Committee
• Marketing Committee
• Outreach Committee
• Internal Programs Committee
• External Programs Committee


Meet the Team

Sam (2)

Sam Sheek

As the mentor/mentee program coordinator, I connect underclassmen chemical engineers with a student who has been in the ChemE program a long period of time. With this connection, students can get advice from their mentor about studying techniques, professional development needs or a friend to prowl campus with. Each week, a challenge will be posted to get groups to meet up and benefit from. AIChE has provided me with great friends and experiences like fun socials and interesting info session. I decided to run for an officer position, so I could help chemical engineering students in the same way AIChE has done for me. In my free time, I like to be very active like golfing at our UF course, playing flag football with our intramural team and lifting weights in one of our on-campus gyms

Zach (2)

Zachary Lambert

I’m Zachary Lambert, and as the Webmaster my job is to make sure that you are reading this right now. I update all of the pictures, bios, and buttons to make sure you can find the information that you need about UF AIChE. So far as a member of AIChE, I’ve seen a lot of benefit from the mentor mentee program. Having someone with more experience than me that I can look to for guidance has really helped me in applying for internships, improving my resume, and building my confidence to talk with these big companies. Outside of AIChE, I participate in research with the Applied Physics Research Group, and in design with the Solar Gators where we design a solar powered car that we use to race against other universities and big companies. I also enjoy biking and studying at Library West because West is best.

Dustin (2)

Dustin McDougald

Chem-E-Car is an organization dedicated to teaching students how to safely work with chemicals, build electrical systems, write code, and construct mechanical chassis. We build small, hand held cars powered and stopped by chemical reactions to compete in regional and national competitions hosted by AIChE. My goal as the Chem-E-Car Captain is to create more opportunities for students seeking design experience in chemical projects.  When time permits, I enjoy hiking, reading, playing music, and learning technical skills like coding.

Matthew (2)

Matthew Chertok

As the corporate liaison, I assist in organizing plant tours around the Gainesville area to help AIChE members explore the applications of their degree. The goal is to set up three tours this semester, each in a different industry, to ensure that a variety of career opportunities are represented. AIChE has provided me with great friends and networking experiences, and I wanted to run for an officer position to help AIChE better serve its members at UF. In my free time, I like to play sand volleyball with my friends, watch football, lift weights, and (try to) make music. I’m still a first year student so I’m not exactly sure of my career plans yet, but a couple industries that interest me are oil/energy and pharmaceuticals.


Pragati Patel

Hi I am Pragati Patel. I am currently secretary of AIChE. Before that I was the internal Program Director. I love this organization and want to be part of it continuously so I can get to know more ChemE and have a welcoming community for them with AIChE. I love being able to be there to help younger ChemE and get help from older ChemE.

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