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AIChE Committees

AIChE has many different committees which serve many purposes and functions. The various committees’ curate information sessions, social events, design flyers, outreach events and so much more. 

Internal Programs

Internal Programs Committee is a group of AIChE students who come together to plan fun socials and professional development events. Due to COVID-19, the committee has had to overcome the challenge of creating engaging events for students while keeping the health of students and faculty in mind. This semester, we have planned Jackbox Game Nights, Virtual Happy Hours, a Research Fair, and many other events to help students relax temporarily from online classes and to gain professional experience. 

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External Programs

The External Programs Committee has been derived to connect our Chemical Engineering students with their right companies and graduate school programs. The officers in this committee reach out to recruiters, the HR department, and other employees to set up informational sessions where they share insightful information on their company and what to expect if hired by them. With graduate schools, our graduate school liaison contacts Chemical Engineering faculty at different top-tier universities. The graduate school info sessions help students learn about different schools when they are interested in continuing a research-based degree in Chemical Engineering. During our committee meetings, we collaborate on different industries and ways to benefit our specific body of students.

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The Marketing Committee is how the UF AIChE Chapter communicates and interacts with people, organizations, students, etc, both on and off the internet. We design colorful infographics to promote company information sessions, AIChE social events, and so much more. These flyers are then posted on our social media pages and shared by our members thereby increasing our reach with the world. All of the flyers shown on this page were created by our members! Another important function we serve is writing and designing our semesterly Newsletter, which has important updates about what we have done throughout the semester, professor interviews, and so much more. Each newsletter is the result of a collaborative effort and dedication of our marketing members under the direction of the Editor in Chief. Lastly, we also update and maintain this very website!


The Treasurer Committee is in charge of dividing up the funds AIChE has each at its disposal each semester. We have previously sold merchandise such as hoodies and t-shirts, and hope to expand into pins, stickers and more in the future! If anything needs to be bought for social events, information sessions, general body meetings, etc, the Treasurer Committee makes sure we have the budget for it and order everything on time. One of the most important things we do, in the opinion of our members, is the free food we always have at our bi-weekly general body meetings! Currently we do not have any inperson events or meetings so the Treasurer Committee has not had much to do, but we eagerly await the day we can meet in person again!

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The UF AIChE Outreach committee aims to offer enriching experiences outside of the affairs at the University of Florida. Over the course of a year, the committee is involved in several volunteering activities that focus on giving back to the community. Some of these events include performing cleanups in various locations in our local community, presenting educational material and experiments to K-12 students both in Alachua County and nationally, and fundraising for a local nonprofit that assists homeless individuals. The Outreach Committee also provides our members with the chance to learn about STEM and chemical engineering in different parts of the world through a partnership with our AIChE sister chapter, the Bandung Institute of Technology. Our members are able to participate in virtual meetings and events with our sister chapter to discuss topics such as their future goals, experiences, and even hobbies.


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