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Nguyen, LN, Macaluso N, Pizzano B, Cash M, Spacek J, Karasek J, Miller MR, Lednicky JA, Dinglasan RD, Salemi M, and Jain PK* A Thermostable Cas12b from Brevibacillus Leverages One-pot Discrimination of SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern eBioMedicine- The Lancet, 2022, [*Corresponding author] [medRxiv[Preprints with THE LANCET] [Download pdf] [View]
Shen Y, Khatri B, Rananaware S, Li D, Ostrov DA, Jain PK, Lessard CJ, and Nguyen CQ* Ancestral origins are associated with SARS-CoV-2 susceptibility and protection in a Florida patient population bioRxiv, 2022, [Senior author][Manuscript in review, PLOS Genetics]
Chiu CW, Xian M, Stephany JL, Xia X, Chiang CC, Ren F, Tsai CT, Shan SS, Liao YT, Esquivel-Upshaw JF, Rananaware SR, Nguyen LT, Macaluso NC, Jain PK, Cash MN, Mavian CN, Salemi M, Leon ME, Chang CW, Lin J, and Pearton SJ* (2022) Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Diagnosis Using Disposable Strips and a Metal-oxide-semiconductor Field-effect Transistor Platform, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, 2022,, 40, 023204. [Senior author] [View] [News]
Nguyen, LN, Macaluso N, and Jain PK* A Combinatorial Approach towards Adaptability of 22 Functional Cas12a Orthologs for Nucleic Acid Detection in Clinical Samples medRxiv, 2021, [*Corresponding author] [Manuscript reviewed, Science Advances[Download pdf] [View]
Shen Y, Ostrov DA, Santosh Rananaware SR, Jain PK, Nguyen CQ* Identification of risk and protective human leukocyte antigens in COVID-19 using genotyping and structural modeling medRxiv, 2021, [Senior author] [Manuscript in review, PLOS One[Download pdf] [View]
Nguyen, LN, Rananaware SR, Pizzano BLM, Brandon ST, and Jain PK* Clinical validation of engineered CRISPR/Cas12a for rapid SARS-CoV-2 detection. Communications Medicine- Nature, 2022, [*Corresponding author] [Download pdf] [View]
Nguyen, LN, Gurijala, J, Rananaware SR, Pizzano BLM, Brandon ST, and Jain PK* CRISPR-ENHANCE: An enhanced nucleic acid detection platform using Cas12a. Methods, 2021, 10.1016/j.ymeth.2021.02.001 [*Corresponding author] [View]
Nguyen, LN, Smith, BM, Jain PK* Enhancement of trans-cleavage activity of Cas12a with engineered crRNA enables amplified nucleic acid detection Nature Communications, 2020, 114906 [*Corresponding author] [Download pdf] [View] [BioRxiv version]
Downing M and Jain PK*, Mesoporous silica nanoparticles: synthesis, properties, and biomedical applications. Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications, 2019; 267-281, Book Chapter[*Corresponding author] [View]
Jain PK*, Lo JH, Rananaware S, Downing M, Panda A, Tai M, Raghavan S, Fleming HE and Bhatia SN*. Non-viral delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 complex using CRISPR-GPS nanocomplexes. Nanoscale, 2019; 11, 21317-21323 [*Co-corresponding author]  [Download pdf] [View]
Jain PK, and Friedman SH*. A universal photo-cleavable clickable reagent for the reversible end labeling of any nucleic acid. ChemBioChem2018; 19, 1264. [Download pdf] [View] [F1000Prime recommendation] [Very Important Paper][ChemistryViews][Cover]
Jain PK, Ramanan V, Schepers AG, Dalvie N, Panda A, Fleming HE and Bhatia SN*. Development of light-activated CRISPR using photocleavable protectors of guide RNAs. Angewandte Chemie International Edition2016; 55, 12440. [Download pdf] [View] [News articles] [Altmetrics]
Sarode BR, Jain PK and Friedman SH*. Polymerizing Insulin with Photocleavable Linkers to Make Light-Sensitive Macropolymer Depot Materials. Macromolecular Bioscience2016; 16 (8): 1138-1146. [Download pdf] [View] [Featured on the cover]
Dudani JS, Jain PK, Kwong GA, Stevens KR and Bhatia SN*. Photoactivated Spatiotemporally-Responsive Nanosensors of in Vivo Protease Activity. ACS Nano, 2015; 9(12), 11708-11717. [Download pdf] [View]
Kala A, Jain PK and Friedman SH*. Patterning of cells through patterning of biology. Molecular BioSystems, 2014;10, 1689-1692. [Download pdf] [View]
Kala A, Jain PKKarunakaran D, Shah S and Friedman SH*. The synthesis of tetra-modified RNA for the multidimensional control of gene expression via light-activated RNA interference. Nature protocols, 2014; 9(1), 11-20. [Download pdf] [View]
Jain PK, Karunakaran D and Friedman SH*. Construction of a Photoactivated Insulin Depot. Angewandte Chemie International Edition2013; 52, 1404-1409. [Download pdf] [View] [Featured on the frontispiece] [News articles]

Jain PK, Shah S and Friedman SH*. Patterning of gene expression using new photolabile groups applied to light activated RNAi. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2011; 133(3), 440-446. [Download pdf] [View]


Shah S, Jain PK, Kala A, Karunakaran D and Friedman SH*. Light-activated RNA interference using double-stranded siRNA precursors modified using a remarkable regiospecificity of diazo-based photolabile groups. Nucleic Acids Research, 2009; 37(13), 4508-4517[Download pdf] [View] [Featured on the cover]






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