December 2020

Congratulations to PhD student Vikram Mehar for passing his dissertation defense! He has accepted a post doctoral position at Brookhaven National Lab beginning this spring.

November 2020

PhD student Vikram Mehar published Oxophilicity Drives Oxygen Transfer at a Palladium–Silver Interface for Increased CO Oxidation Activity in ACS Catalysis.

August 2020

 PhD student Vikram Mehar was an author of Reduction of oxidized Pd/Ag (111) surfaces by H2: Sensitivity to PdO island size and dispersion in ACS Catalysis.

PhD student Rachel Martin published High Resolution X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of an IrO2(110) Film on Ir(100) in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.

July 2020

Dr. Jason Weaver published a review paper titled Low Temperature Activation of Methane on Metal-Oxides and Complex Interfaces: Insights from Surface Science with collaborators from Brookhaven National Laboratories in Accounts of Chemical Research.

February 2020

Vikram Mehar published Growth and auto-oxidation of Pd on single-layer AgO x/Ag (111) in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

Rachel Martin published Molecular chemisorption of N2 on IrO2(110)  in the Journal of Chemical Physics . The article was chosen as an editors pick.

January 2020

Welcome to the group Junjie Shi!

December 2019

Congrats on graduation Dr. Chris Lee!

Chris Lee published Oxidation of a c-Tb2O3 (111) thin film by the sequential formation of stoichiometric phases in Surface Science.

Chris Lee published Redox-mediated transformation of a Tb 2 O 3 (111) thin film from the cubic fluorite to bixbyite structure in JCCP.

November 2019

Vikram Mehar presented the talk Cooperativity between Pd and AgOx Phases on Ag(111) at the AICHE Annual Meeting.

Rachel Martin presented the poster An Ambient Pressure XPS Study of Methane Dissociation and Oxidation on IrO2(110) at the AICHE Annual Meeting.