Honors and Awards

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Year Award
2001 Invited to serve as an Advisory Board Member by Chalmers University Catalysis Research Center, Gothenburg, Sweden.
2000 Organized and hosted at the University of Florida a major international symposium on Surfactants in Solution (SIS-2000) which was attended by over 500 researchers from all over the world.
1999 Identified among the top one percent of the most frequently cited scientists in the world by the Institute of Scientific Information, U.K.
1998 Plenary Speaker, International Symposium on Surfactants in Solutions, Stockholm,Sweden
1997 Invited Speaker, ICI International Symposium, Oxford, UK
1996 Plenary Speaker, 4th World Surfactants Congress, Barcelona, Spain
1996 Professional Excellence Program (PEP) Award, University of Florida
1995 Organized and hosted an International Symposium on “Micelles, Microemulsions and Monolayers : Quarter Century Progress and New Horizons at the University of Florida, which was attended by 300 researchers from 25 countries.
1995 Invited to present a two-day intensive short course on foam making and foam breaking at the Procter & Gamble Research Centers in Cincinnati (USA), Caracas (Venezuela), Newcastle (UK), Brussels (Belgium), Rome (Italy), Kobe (Japan), and Manila (Philippines)
1993 Pride of India Award, (Swami Narayan Sanstha of USA)
1993 Florida Distinguished Scientist of the Year Award (Medallist Award), Florida Academy of Sciences, Inc.
1992 Received Vishwa Gurjari International Award for Outstanding Achievement, India
1992 Florida Blue Key Distinguished Faculty Award, University of Florida
1988 United Nations (UNIDO) Consultant to India for Pesticide Research Program
1988 Florida Scientist of the Year Award
1985 President’s Medallion for Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship, University of Florida.
1985 Teacher/Scholar of the Year, University of Florida
1984 Keynote Speaker, Meeting of the International Society for Contact Lenses Research, Cambridge, England
1983 Invited to teach a short course on “Surfactants and Their Use in Enhanced Oil Recovery at Imperial College, London
1982 Perry Brothers – Mallinckrodt Award (Best paper presented at the annual scientific meeting), Society of Cosmetic Chemists
1981 Keynote Speaker, European Symposium on Enhanced Oil Recovery, Bournemouth, England
1980 Outstanding Achievement Award, Federation of Asian Indians in North America
1979 Visiting Professorship, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and the Institute of Energy Studies, Stanford University.
1978 Best Paper Award Trophy, International congress of chemical Technology.
1976 Outstanding Service Award, University of Florida.
1975 President’s Scholar Award, University of Florida.
1972 Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Florida