Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs about GRACE

What is GRACE?

GRACE is the Graduate Association of Chemical Engineers. We’re a group of Chemical Engineering Master’s and Ph.D. students who organize social, academic, and service events together. Our officers serve as liaisons between faculty and graduate students and put together most of the department-wide events graduate students attend.

How do I join GRACE?

All graduate Chemical Engineering students are automatically members of GRACE. There are no membership dues or fees.

How do I become a GRACE officer?

Elections for GRACE board positions take place in the Spring semester and each position is held from the summer to the following spring. GRACE will email out a call for nominations each April.

FAQs from Ph.D. Students

When do I do my proposal to become a Ph.D. Candidate?

Proposals are typically completed in the second semester of the second year of your Ph.D. program. The proposal involves a 15-page paper detailing an overview of your research topic, preliminary work and results completed toward your research project, and future work you plan to do. Ph.D. students must then complete a candidacy defense: a 20-30 minute presentation of your paper to the department followed by a public Q/A session with the audience and a private Q/A session with your committee. A draft of your written document is due in February of the second semester of your second year.

When do I choose my committee?

You will need to choose your committee no later than in the spring of your first year before you submit your proposal. Two of your committee members, excluding your advisor, should be from within the department and familiar with your field. One of your committee members should be from an external department. Most students have four committee members, although students can have more as decided by the student and their advisor.

When do I complete Supervised Teaching requirements?

Supervised teaching is similar to working as a Teaching Assistant (TA); however, an ST is more hands-on during the development of the course and gains more experience with teaching and student interaction. Most Ph.D. students receive ST assignments and enroll in ECH 6940 – Supervised Teaching starting in their third year after their proposals. All students are required complete four credits (1-2 semesters) of ECH 6940.

Can I do an internship while pursuing a Ph.D.?

Each year, several graduate students take leaves of absence to pursue  internships. Your advisor must allow the leave of absence for an internship, so their availability varies from student to student.