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Past Seminars

Jason E. Bara, Ph.D.4/15/19
Jason E. Bara
Associate Professor
Chemical & Biological Engineering, University of Alabama
Gas Separation Membranes and Functional Materials Derived fromĀ Ionic Liquids and High-Performance Polymers

Lesley W. Chow, Ph.D.4/9/19
Lesley W. Chow
Assistant Professor in Bioengineering and Materials Science and Engineering
Lehigh University
3D Printing Functional Building Blocks to Construct Spatially Organized Biomaterials

Kathleen J. Stebe, Ph.D.4/8/19
Kathleen J. Stebe
Deputy Dean for Research and Innovation and the Goodwin Professor in the School Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania
D.O. Shah Annual Lecture in Surface Science
Curvature and the Directed Motion of Colloids

Zeger Hens, Ph.D.4/5/19
Zeger Hens
Ghent University
The Chemistry and Physics of Nanoscale Surfaces

Erin Lavik, Ph.D.4/1/19
Erin Lavik
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Engineering Nanoparticles to Stop Internal Bleeding

Carol K. Hall, Ph.D.3/25/19
Carol K. Hall
Camille Dreyfus Distinguished University Professor
North Carolina State University
Spontaneous Formation of Oligomers and Fibrils in Large Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Alzheimer’s Peptides

Howard A. Stone, Ph.D.3/18/19
Endowed Distinguished Lecture in Fluid Mechanics
Howard A. Stone
Donald R. Dixon ’69 and Elizabeth W. Dixon Professor
Princeton University
Seeking Intersections Between Disciplines: “Boundaries” in Multiphase Flows

Matthew E. Helgeson, Ph.D.3/11/19
Matthew E. Helgeson
Associate Professor
University of California, Santa Barbara
Engineering Multi-phase Nanodroplets for Nanoparticle templating and Biotechnology

Kathryn A. Whitehead, Ph.D.2/25/19
Kathryn A. Whitehead
Assistant Professor
Carnegie Mellon University
Lipid-like Materials for RNA Delivery: A How-to Guide for Hacking Gene Expression

Jason Hicks, Ph.D.1/28/19
Jason Hicks
Associate Professor
University of Notre Dame
Plasma-assisted Catalysis: Exploring the Effects of

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