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Rachel B. Getman, Ph.D.10/15/18

Rachel Getman
Associate Professor
Clemson University

Molecular-Level Insights into How Liquid Water Influences Catalysis at Water/Metal Interfaces Revealed by Molecular Simulations


David Hibbitts, Ph.D.10/8/18

David Hibbitts
Assistant Professor
University of Florida

Defining and Counting Reaction Site Requirements on Curved and Crowded Catalyst Surfaces

Daniel T. Hallinan Jr., Ph.D.10/1/18
Daniel Hallinan
Assistant Professor

Transient Processes in Nanostructured Soft Materials

Kelly M. Schultz, Ph.D.09/24/18
Kelly Schultz
Assistant Professor
Lehigh University

Characterizing the Evolution of Gel Scaffolds Using Passive Microrheology

Sarah Mena, Ph.D.09/17/18
Sarah Mena
Ph.D. Alumna and Postdoctoral Fellow

The Secret Life of Particles: Understanding Multiphase Flows in Pipes and Blood Vessels

Idalis Villanueva, Ph.D.09/10/18
Idalis Villanueva
Assistant Professor
Utah State University

Past Traditional Metrics of Engineering Education – The Next Frontier

Amy Haberman, UF Director of Laboratory Safety08/24/18
Amy Haberman
Director of Laboratory Safety
University of Florida

Safety Seminar

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