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Past Seminars

Gary Koenig, Ph.D.12/2/19
Gary Koenig, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Chemical Engineering
University of Virginia
“Fabrication and Characterization of Thick Battery Electrodes”

Brian Korgel, Ph.D.Brian A. Korgel, Ph.D.
Professor, Ernest Cockrell, Jr. Memorial Chair in Engineering
University of Texas at Austin
“Nanomaterials Chemistry: Creating a Universe in a Grain of Sand”

Ashlee N. Ford Versypt, Ph.D.11/18/19
Ashlee N. Ford Versypt, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Oklahoma State University
“Systems Biomedicine and Pharmaceutics: Multiscale Modeling of Tissues, Treatments, & Toxicology”

William Epling, Ph.D.11/4/19
William Epling, Ph.D.
University of Virginia
“The Reversible Nature of Sulfur Poisoning of Automotive Emissions Catalysts”

Hari Srikanth, Ph.D.10/29/19
Hari Srikanth, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics
University of South Florida
2019 IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer
“Tuning Magnetic Anisotropy in Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications”

A.J. Medford, Ph.D.10/28/19
A.J. Medford, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Georgia Tech
“Fertilizer from Air and Light: Fundamental understanding and applications of photocatalytic nitrogen fixation”

William F. Schneider, Ph.D.10/21/19
William F. Schneider, Ph.D.
H. Clifford and Evelyn A. Brosey Professor of Engineering
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
University of Notre Dame
The Catalytic Science of Making Up and Breaking Up Dinitrogen

Susan Daniel, Ph.D.10/14/19
Susan Daniel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Cornell University
Cell-free Approaches for Re-creating Cellular Processes using Biomembrane Microfluidics and Bioelectronic Devices

Steven R. Little, Ph.D.10/7/19
Steven R. Little, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and William Kepler Whiteford Endowed Professor in the Departments of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Bioengineering, Immunology, and Ophthalmology
University of Pittsburgh
Controlling “Controlled Release” to Make Medicine That Imitates Life

Daniel F. Shantz, Ph.D.9/30/19
Daniel F. Shantz, Ph.D.
Professor and Department Chair
The Entergy Chair of Clean Energy Engineering
Tulane University
Designing Composition and Local Structure in Ziolites: Teaching Old Catalysts New Tricks

Lynden Archer, Ph.D.9/23/19
Lynden A. Archer, Ph.D.
James A. Friend Family Distinguished Professor in Engineering
Cornell University
Electrodeposition, ion transport and reversibility of reactive metal electrodes in high-energy batteries

John T. Wilson, Ph.D.9/17/19
John T. Wilson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Vanderbilt University
Engineering Nanotechnologies for Immuno-Oncology

Matthew Cooper, Ph.D.9/12/19
Matthew Cooper, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering, and Department of Biomedical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Digital Experiences in Chemical Engineering Education

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