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Yiider Tseng

Associate Professor and MS Program Coordinator
Work Office: CHE 223 1006 Center Drive Gainesville FL 32611 Work Phone: (352) 392-0862

Research Summary

MY LAB FOCUSES ON COMBINING NEW ENGINEERING PRINCIPLES WITH ADVANCED LIFE SCIENCE METHODS for the purpose of developing a systematic, quantitative and integrative way to understand fundamental biological phenomena at the molecular and cellular levels. My research has implications on tissue engineering, wound repairs, microorganism invasions and disease states, such as cancer metastasis.

MY RESEARCH LABORATORY develops high-throughput/high-content methods to establish more sophisticated cell dynamic models. After identifying the key correlation among different subcellular activities, an integrative cell activity model can be established and the spatiotemporal connections between the subcellular activities can guide us to understand the comprehensive molecular mechanisms.


Ph.D., 1999, Johns Hopkins University

selected Publications

  • Wu, P. H., Hung S. H., Ren, T., Shih, I. M. and Tseng, Y., Cell cycle-dependent alternation in NAC1 nuclear body dynamics and morphology, Physical Biology 8: 015005 (2010).
  • Wu, P. H., Agarwal, A, Hess, H., Khargonekar, P. P. and Tseng, Y., Analysis of video-based microscopic particle trajectories using Kalman filtering. Biophysical Journal 98: 2822-2830 (2010).
  • Wu, P. H., Nelson, N., and Tseng, Y., A general method for improving spatial resolution by optimization of electron multiplication in CCD imaging, Optical Express 18: 5199-5212 (2010).
  • Wu, P. H., Arce, S. H., Burney, P. R. and Tseng, Y., A novel approach to high accuracy of video-based microrheology, Biophysical Journal 96: 5103-5111 (2009).
  • Hess, H and Tseng, Y., Active intracellular transport of nanoparticles: opportunity or threat? ACS Nano 1: 390-392 (2007)