Sam Jones, Ph.D., ChE 2008

Sam Jones, Ph.D.

Engineering Group Leader (2014)

  • B.S. in Chemical Engineering at Rice University
  • Ph.D. at the UF Department of Chemical Engineering in 2008
    • Adviser(s): Hagelin-Weaver
    • Research Area(s): Heterogeneous Catalysis
    • Dissertation Title: Activity and characterization studies in methanol reforming catalysis: Cu and Cu-ZnO catalysts and the role of nanomaterials

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Led multiple high-volume technology production “ramps” from pilot scale through high volume manufacturing
  • Team manager in the etch department. Responsible for development applications in Intel’s 7 nm production node and beyond

Current Role/Responsibilities: Group leader responsible for all areas of safety, quality, output, and cost for a plasma etch equipment group at Intel’s largest semiconduction manufacturing facility