What does the Ph.D. Application Review Committee expect to find in the personal statement?

It is critical that your personal statement communicates your passions and interests along with your potential to be a successful, motivated, and driven Ph.D. student. Your personal statement should include information on your background and training as it pertains to your success and desire for a Ph.D. We want to see why you are motivated to get your Ph.D. and how you envision this educational step as a component of your career trajectory. It is also important to tell us how you got to this point in your life, through your educational experiences, life experiences, or other things that have guided you toward this path. Noting your research interests for your Ph.D. or what labs you may want to join and why is also appropriate. This is your chance to help us see how you fit into the UF Chemical Engineering Ph.D. program and why its a great fit – both for you and for the department.