If my undergraduate degree is not in chemical engineering, am I qualified for the PhD program?

This is a tough question to answer and there are a lot of caveats or trajectories for students and their educational pathway. Ph.D. coursework requires a solid background in Transport (heat, mass, and momentum/fluids), kinetics (reactor design and reaction engineering), thermodynamics, and mathematics (ordinary and partial differential equations).

  • Students with a M.S. in chemical engineering and a B.S. in something else are definitely qualified for our Ph.D. program.
  • Some students in programs outside of chemical engineering may have taken the appropriate coursework via major and minor degrees or technical electives, even if the name of the program or department was not “chemical engineering”
    • If this describes your educational path, please discuss this in your personal statement
    • The graduate recruiting committee will look carefully at your transcripts, so identifying this preparation in your personal statement will assist in this process
  • Some universities provide very similar academic preparation in other engineering departments so please don’t be discouraged from applying if you have taken transport, kinetics, thermodynamics, and have a strong math background