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Vincent J. Tocco, Jr., Ph.D.

Vincent J. Tocco, Jr.


Areas of Interest

Engineering Education
Active Learning
Teamwork Dynamics
Graduate Student Research Methods
Life-long Learning
Material and Energy Balances


Ray Fahien Award of Outstanding Teaching Assistant (University of Florida Department of Chemical Engineering, fall 2015 and spring 2016)


Ph.D., 2018, Chemical Engineering, University of Florida
B.S.E., 2012, Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan

Courses Taught

Research Methods for Chemical Engineers (2019)
Separation and Mass Transfer Operations (2018)
Material and Energy Balances (2017 and 2018)

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed Publications:

  • Tocco VJ, Neelam S, Zhang Q, Dickinson RB, and Lele TP (2017) “Nuclear forcing in the living cell” Methods in Molecular Biology, Article accepted and in press
  • Tocco VJ, Li Y, Christopher K, Matthews JH, Aggarwal V, Paschall L, Luesch H, Licht JD, Dickinson RB, and Lele TP (2017) “The nucleus is irreversibly shaped by motion of cell boundaries in cancer and non-cancer cells” J. Cell Physiol. JCP spotlight article
  • Valdez P, Tocco VJ, and Savage P. (2014) “A General Kinetic Model for the Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Microalgae”, Bioresource Technology

Peer reviewed conference proceedings:

  • Vincent J Tocco, Kevin E Buettner, Madeline Sciullo, Jennifer S Curtis, and Jason E Butler, “Peer-Led Research Methods Workshop for First-Year Ph.D Students” American Society of Engineering Education Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT 2018
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