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Dmitry Kopelevich, Ph.D.

Dmitry Kopelevich

Associate Professor

Areas of Interest

Self-assembled surfactant systems
Stability of biomembranes
Transport through self-assembled membranes


National Science Foundation CAREER Award


Ph.D., 2002, University of Notre Dame

Courses Taught

Selected Publications

  • Ahn, Y. N., Gupta, A., Chauhan, A., and Kopelevich, D. I. “Molecular transport through surfactant-covered oil-water interfaces: Role of physical properties of solutes and surfactants in creating energy barriers for transport”, Langmuir 27 (2011), 2420-2436.
  • Gupta, A., Chauhan, A. and Kopelevich, D. I. “Molecular Transport across Fluid Interfaces: Coupling between Solute Dynamics and Interface Fluctuations”, Phys. Rev. E 78 (2008), 041605.
  • Chen, C.-Y. and Kopelevich, D.I., “Phonon Interactions in Zeolites Mediated by Anharmonicity and Adsorbed Molecules,” Mol. Simulat., 34 (2008) 155.
  • Mohan, G. and Kopelevich, D.I., “A Multi-Scale Model for Kinetics of Formation and Disintegration of Spherical Micelles,” J. Chem. Phys., 128 (2008) 044905.
  • May, E.R., Narang, A. and Kopelevich, D.I., “Role of Molecular Tilt in Thermal Fluctuations of Lipid Membranes,” Phys. Rev. E, 76 (2007) 021913.
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