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Lewis Johns, Ph.D.

Lewis E. Johns, Jr.


Areas of Interest

Fluid mechanics
My work has to do with the stability of phase boundaries as one phase displaces another. Of particular interest are electrodeposition, solidification, precipitation, and other related phenomena.



Ph.D., 1964, Carnegie Mellon University

Courses Taught

Selected Publications

  • S. Agarwal, L.E. Johns, R. Narayanan, “Critical Points in the Solidification of a Pure Material,” Chem. Eng. Comm. 195, 834 (2008).
  • L.E. Johns, R. Narayanan, “Growth Constants of Unstable Surfaces in Cylindrical Systems,” Mathematical Modeling of Natural Phenomena, 3, 55 (2008).
  • M. Al-Aseeri, W. Guo, L.E. Johns, R. Narayanan, “Can Convection Induced by Heating Delay a Thermal Explosion?” Phys. of Fluids 20, 104107 (2008).
  • S. Agarwal, L.E. Johns, R. Narayanan, “Subcritical-Supercritical Crossover in Solidification,” Journal of Crystal Growth 311 3511 (2009).
  • L.E. Johns, R. Narayanan, “The Rayleigh-Taylor Instability of a Surface of Arbitrary Cross Section,” Physics of Fluids 23 012108 (2011).
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