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Charles J. Hages, Ph.D.

Charles J. Hages

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Optical Spectroscopy
Hages’ research focuses on developing next-generation semiconductors for energy research. Using fundamental device physics and unique processing, Hages aims to design new materials and device architectures to address energy technology challenges. Hages’ primary interests are in nanomaterials, solution-based semiconductors, and developing advanced optoelectronic characterization techniques.



Ph.D., 2015, Purdue University
B.S., 2010, University of California, Santa Barbara

Courses Taught

Selected Publications

  • Hages, C. J., Redinger, A., Levcenko, S., Hempel, H., Koeper, M. J., Agrawal, R, Greiner, D., Kaufmann, C. A., Unold, T.(2017). Identifying the real minority carrier lifetime in nonideal semiconductors: a case study of kesterite materials. Advanced Energy Materials, 7(18), 1700167.
  • Hages, C. J., Koeper M. J., Miskin, C. K., Brew K. W., Agrawal, R. (2016). Controlled grain growth for high performance nanoparticle-based kesterite solar cells. Chemistry of Materials, 28(21), pp. 7709-7714
  • Hages, C. J., Koeper, M. J., Agrawal R. (2016). Optoelectronic and material properties of nanocrystal-based CZTSe absorbers with Ag-alloying. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 145(3), pp. 342-348
  • Hages, C. J., Carter, N. J., Agrawal, R. (2016). Generalized Quantum Efficiency Analysis for Non-ideal Solar Cells: Case of Cu2ZnSnSe4. Journal of Applied Physics, 119, 014505.
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