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Oscar Crisalle, Ph.D.

Oscar D. Crisalle

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Areas of Interest

Analysis and design of control systems
Real-time remote control over the Internet
Manufacture of photovoltaic devices
Control of fuel-cell powered systems


National Science Foundation CAREER Award


Ph.D., 1990, University of California-Santa Barbara

Courses Taught

Selected Publications

  • “Multimodal Multi-objective Optimization with Differential Evolution”, by Caitong Yue, Weiwei Xu, Hui Song, Jing Liang, and Oscar D. Crisalle,  Swarm and Evolutionary Computation (to appear, 2018).
  • “Analysis of Retailers’ Coalition Stability for Supply Chain Based on LCS and Stable Set”, by Yong Luo, Shi-Zhao Wang, Xiao-Chen Sun, and Oscar D. Crisalle, International Journal of Production Research, pp. 170-175 (2016).
  • “Comprehensive Mass Transport Modeling Technique for the Cathode Side of an Open-Cathode Direct Methanol Fuel Cell”, by Shyam P. Mudiraj, M.A.R. Biswas, William E. Lear, and Oscar D. Crisalle, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol. 40, No. 25, pp. 8137-8159, (2015).
  • “Two-Hidden-Layer Extreme Learning Machine for Regression and Classification”, by B.Y. Qu, B.F. Lang, J.J. Liang, A.K. Qin, and O.D. Crisalle, Neurocomputing, Vol. 175, pp, 826-834 (2016).
  • “Systematic Approach for Modeling Methanol Mass Transport on the Anode Side of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells”, by M. A. R. Biswas, Shyam P. Mudiraj, W.E. Lear, and Oscar D. Crisalle, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol. 39, No. 15, pp. 8009-8025, (2014).
  • Al-Shamali, S.A. Ji, B., Crisalle, O.D., and Latchman, H.A., “The Nyquist Robust Sensitivity Margin for Uncertain Closed-Loop Systems,” International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 15, (2005) 619.
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