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Jason Butler, Ph.D.

Jason E. Butler

(352) 392-2591

Areas of Interest

Dynamics of Complex Fluids
Suspension and Multiphase Fluid Mechanics
Microfluidic Flows
Complex fluids, or soft matter systems, encompass suspensions of particulates, polymeric solutions and melts, emulsions, and more. Such materials are used in a wide range of industries and products, and are also of importance to many applications in biotechnology, nanotechnology, and materials science. In most cases, the ability to predict the dynamics of these material are extremely limited, which hinders the rational design of new and efficient processes. We aim to impact the basic science and applications of complex fluids by generating new insights and improved models of their dynamics by integrating the outcomes of experiments, theory, and simulations. Much of our work examines the rheology and dynamics of particles suspended in viscous fluids using computational and experimental approaches. Additional research and development efforts include polymer dynamics and microfluidic flows.


University of Florida Term Professor, 2017-2020
Exceptional Service Award, UF Department of Chemical Engineering, 2013
UF Chemical Engineering Teacher of the Year, 2011-2012
International Educator of the Year Award, UF College of Engineering, 2011
National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 2003
Chateaubriand Post-doctoral Fellow, 2000-2001


Postdoctoral Associate, Chemical Engineering, Stanford University 1998-2000
Ph.D., 1998, Chemical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin
B.S., 1993, Chemical Engineering, University of Oklahoma

Courses Taught

Mathematical Basis of Chemical Engineering
Complex Fluids
Energy Transfer Operations
Fluid and Solid Operations
Elementary Transport Phenomena
Computer Model Formulation

Selected Publications

  • Microstructural dynamics and rheology of suspensions of rigid fibers; Jason E. Butler and Braden Snook; Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics 40, 299-318, 2018.
  • Rheology of concentrated suspensions of non-colloidal rigid fibres; Franco Tapia, Saif Shaikh, Jason E. Butler, Olivier Pouliquen, and Elisabeth Guazzelli; Journal of Fluid Mechanics 827, R5, 2017.
  • Electro-hydrodynamic concentration of genomic length DNA; Mert Arca, Anthony J.C. Ladd, and Jason E. Butler, Soft Matter 12, 6975-6984, 2016.
  • Inverse Saffman-Taylor experiments with particles leads to capillarity driven fingering instabilities; Ilyesse Bihi, Michael Baudoin, Jason E.
    Butler, Christine Faille, and Farzam Zoueshtiagh; Physical Review Letters 117, 034501, 2016.
  • Origin of critical strain amplitude in periodically sheared suspensions; Phong Pham, Bloen Metzger, and Jason E. Butler, Physical Review Fluids 1, 022201(R), 2016.
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