Weaver Receives NSF Grant to Study Selective Methane Oxidation

Jason F. Weaver, Ph.D.

Jason F. Weaver, Ph.D., the ExxonMobil Gator Alumni Faculty Endowed Professor at the University of Florida Department of Chemical Engineering, has received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to study selective methane oxidation using elaborately structured IrO2-based mixed metal oxides.… Read More

UF Researchers use Magnetic Cryopreservation Agents to Extend Donor Organ Preservation Time

Carlos M. Rinaldi-Ramos, Ph.D.

Researchers at the University of Florida are using colloidally stable nanoparticles and magnetic cryopreservation agents (mCPAs) to extend the preservation time of donor organs. Currently, the preservation time window ranges from 4-36 hours depending on the organ. This time window… Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Leaders in the Field

Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Share Their Insight and Experience CHRIS BIRDSALL, B.S., ChE ‘96 Vice President, Catalysts and Licensing, ExxonMobil  What do you remember about your time in ChE at UF? The lifelong relationships formed during my time at UF is what I… Read More