Caroline Lubbe, a doctoral student with the Department of Chemical Engineering (ChE) at the University of Florida, has earned a prestigious internship opportunity at the National Science Foundation (NSF) through The Talent Development and Innovation in Sciences (TDIS) Summer Internship Program. Lubbe is supervised by Sindia Rivera-Jimenez, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Department of Engineering Education (EED) who is also an affiliated faculty member with ChE. 

“These opportunities are crucial for students in my lab as they define their future career steps and identity as disciplinary engineering education researchers,” Dr. Rivera-Jimenez said. “I believe this internship with NSF is a compelling testament to the substantial impact our UF engineering graduates can make in research, education, and public policy.” 

According to the Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) Network, TDIS is designed to complement students’ academic learning with summer experiences to develop them professionally while instilling an appreciation for innovation in STEM-related programs, NSF-funded projects and STEM careers. It increases student awareness of circumstances that prevent minority students from receiving a quality STEM education. Additionally, it allows them to conduct research to familiarize themselves with NSF programs and strategies to address issues related to under-representation in STEM. 

“As her academic mentor, I will be supporting Caroline throughout her internship and academic year,” Dr. Rivera-Jimenez said. “This involves participating in orientation and final presentations, offering feedback on research reports, and discussing progress and concerns with senior NSF staff.” 

Lubbe’s internship will be a 10-week experience and is scheduled to run from late May through early August of this year. 

Originally posted on the EED website:
By: Brady Budke
Marketing and Communications Specialist
Department of Engineering Education