Carlos Silvera Batista, Ph.D., ChE 2011

Carlos Batista, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (2017)
Chemical Engineering at Vanderbilt University

  • B.E. in Chemical Engineering at the City College of New York
  • Ph.D. at the UF Department of Chemical Engineering in 2011
    • Adviser(s): Butler/Ziegler
    • Research Area(s): Transport/Advanced Materials
    • Dissertation Title: Manipulation of the microenvironment surrounding single wall carbon nanotubes and its effect on photoluminescence and separation processes
  • Postdoc at NIST (Jeff Fagan)
  • Postdoc at University of Michigan (Nicholas Kotov/Michael Solomon)

Notable Accomplishments:

  • First participant in Mock Faculty Candidate Program at UF

Current Role/Responsibilities: control structure and shape of soft materials through the manipulation of the chemistry for the fabrication of functional materials