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AIChE Art Showcase!

Looking to Showcase Your Art?

Whether you paint, draw, act, animate, sculpt, write, do photography, or other you can show off your art here!

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Grace Li

All of these artworks were made during quarantine, I didn’t name them. I wanted to challenge myself to a wide range of mediums and techniques. The border collie was drawn using pencil and focuses on realism. The portrait of the woman was painted with watercolor and acrylic highlights. The koi fish is a mixed media piece, using watercolor, pencil, acrylic, and ink. The waves are painted using acrylic. I wanted to challenge myself to do a nature scene and focused on manipulating color within the waves. The Japanese castle painting is painted using acrylic.

Jenny Taylor

None of these pieces have titles. I like to paint interesting looking people to appreciate beauty outside of standards.

Follow Jenny on her social media @jennytaylart or click the button below!

Pragati Patel

I have always loved being surrounded by nature and appreciating the beauty in our surroundings. Photography allows me to capture that and the way I look at the world in a sense. One day I wish to be able to travel and take tons of pictures!

Check out more of Pragati’s work on her website, or click the button below!

Laurence Barnes

Classic Haunted House. Was drawn to elicit a spooky feeling in the viewer, so that they may have a better Halloween this year.

Jose Rodriguez


Check out more of Jose’s work on his YouTube channel, or click the button below!

Emma Vesco

I decided to paint all of the Marvel superheroes. These are the ones I have done so far 🙂

Follow Emma on her social media @emmmaammme or click the button below!

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