The Unit Operations Laboratory, or the “Unit Ops Lab,” is an undergraduate teaching lab. The University of Florida Chemical Engineering Curriculum includes two unit operations related laboratory courses and a safety course.

The objectives of these courses are:
  • To provide students with an understanding of the relationship between chemical engineering theory and performance of actual experimental laboratory operations.
  • To create a sense of professional responsibility for the quality and integrity of engineering work.
  • To introduce project planning, safety concepts, and experimental techniques.
  • To promote critical thinking and proficient communication through data analysis, interpretation of results, and presentation of findings written reports. To provide students with the skills and experience necessary for effective teamwork.

This website provides links to many resources that are necessary for successful completion of these laboratory courses.

  • ECH 4224L (Unit Ops Lab 1) - Fluid and Energy Transfer Operations Laboratory
  • ECH 4404L (Unit Ops Lab 2) - Separation and Mass Transfer Operations Laboratory
  • ECH 4714L Safety and Experimental Evaluation, required as a pre- or co-requisite class.
  • Note on ECH4714L: All course specific information has been migrated to Sakai.

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