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The Department of Chemical Engineering invites applications for a tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor level. Click HERE for more information.

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The Dinesh O. Shah Professorship in Surface Science

After serving the University of Florida and our Gator Engineers for more than three decades, Dr. Shah legacy continues to shape the Chemical Engineering Department. Find out more about one of the department’s most important initiatives.

Click here for information on the Shah Professorship!

Angewandte Chemie paper about Alkane Activation

The Weaver group recently published a paper in Angewandte Chemie that reports the first vibrational spectra of a “pre-activated” alkane adsorbed on a solid surface. A strong interaction between propane and the metal atoms of a palladium oxide surface causes the activated C-H bonds to undergo a large downshift in their stretching frequencies which the Weaver group could measure using surface infrared spectroscopy. By using partially deuterated propane compounds, Weaver and his students were able to show that the adsorbed propane molecules adopt highly specific configurations in which the primary C-H bonds are selectively activated by the metal oxide. Their work demonstrates that geometrical registry between the molecules and the surface plays a decisive role in determining the preferred bonding configurations of alkanes adsorbed on metal oxides. These findings can provide guidance to future efforts aimed at designing catalyst structures with potential to achieve selective alkane conversions. The full article may be found HERE.

Distinguished Professor Mark Orazem featured in ECS Publication

The Senior Director of UF Media Relations, Steve Orlando, recently interviewed Mark Orazem about the research being done in mining-water purification. His team’s idea has attracted the attention of the Minnesota-based Mosaic Company, which produces phosphate and potash for fertilizer and operates four phosphate mines in Central Florida. Check out the full story and video HERE

Distinguished Professor Fan Ren featured in ECS Publication

The Electrochemical Society highlights the life-saving technology and research of Dr. Ren’s and explores his career in the field of electronics and semiconductor devices in an article titled, “Building Better Electronic Devices”. Check out the full story HERE.

Research featured as a frontispiece of Advanced Optical Materials

The research conducted by a Chemical Engineering graduate student, Yin Fang, with Professors Jiang and Taylor (UF Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering) has featured as a frontispiece in the recent issue of Advanced Optical Materials. This work explores a new type of smart nanooptical coatings with bistable optical states using thermoresponsive shape memory polymers. The heat-triggered transition between a disordered temporary state and a 3-D ordered permanent state leads to an easily perceived color change, which provides a unique mechanism for developing reconfigurable nanooptical devices for all-optical integrated circuits. READ MORE

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Has Successful Year

Thanks to support from the department, SHPE sent a record of 167 members to conference this year in Baltimore, siting nearly a 30% increase from last year’s attendance. In addition to one SHPE member being on the winning team for the Extreme Engineering Challenge at the conference, the UF chapter won awards and accolades for: Regional Chapter of the Year, National Outstanding Academic Development, Regional Academic Olympiad Champions and Best Research Paper (graduate coordinator, Brianna Posadas).

Materials Research Society (MRS) Graduate Student Award Finalist

Yin Fang, a graduate student in the Department of Chemical Engineering, has been selected as the finalist for the MRS Graduate Student Award. All finalists will be presented either a Gold or Silver Award based on their special talk during the 2015 MRS Fall Meeting. Yin will be the second University of Florida recipient of this prestigious award in the past 14 years. He is going to give a talk on novel multi-stimuli-responsive shape memory polymers in Symposium Y during the meeting.

Kickstarter Campaign launched by Recent Grad

Rob Damitz (Ph.D. 2015) met two other Gator Engineers, Daniel Blood (Ph.D. MAE 2014) and Erica Gonzaga (B.S. BME 2011, M.E. ESSIE 2014), in a graduate entrepreneurship course where they conceptualized a clean water solution for people in need. Together they founded aqUV with a mission to provide clean drinking water across the globe with simple and sustainable solutions. The aqUV water purification system uses ultraviolet light treatment to kill over 99.99% of bacteria and over 99.9% of viruses in 3 to 5 minutes. aqUV purifiers can be powered entirely by solar energy, eliminating the need for grid power or replacement batteries. The trio recently launched their Kickstarter campaign for aqUV on September 14, 2015. The campaign will run until October 28, 2015. Read Press Release HERE.

Chemical Engineering Student Safety Council

In response to a recent awareness of the need for improved safety culture in university laboratories, the Department of Chemical Engineering has formed the Chemical Engineering (CHE) Student Safety Council (SSC). The membership of the council comprises the Laboratory Safety Managers from each research group in the department. Other graduate students are also invited to join the CHESSC. The goal of the CHESSC is to improve the safety culture in the department, making the research laboratories a safer place to work. Their first action was to create new safety training modules that emphasize hazards that are specific to chemical engineering laboratories. Members of the CHESSC presented some of their modules to incoming graduate students during our first annual graduate student safety orientation in August.